Making it more alluring, the upcoming Panorama International Literature Festival (PILF) will also witness a three-day long film festival alongside various literary events.

The festival will be held from January 29 to 31 2023. The Kerala State Film Academy, owned by the Kerala government which is partnering with PILF 2023 will be running shows of movies that would give delegates a broader perspective of the culture, history and tradition of Kerala. We take this opportunity to thank the renowned filmmaker and Chairman of Kerala State Film Academy Shri.Ranjith, actor and Vice-chairman Sri. Premkumar and Secretary Shri. C. Ajoy and most importantly Indian actor, director, and screenwriter Shri Madhupal who is also the Head of Panorama International Literature Festival, India. We are also grateful to Dr. Sumithra, State Coordinator, Kerala.

A unique blend of Literature, tourism, culture, films and much more, we are sure that PILF 2023 will provide the delegates with an experience that they will cherish throughout their lives!

For more info visit PILF 2023 Registration (Global) PILF 2023 Registration (India) LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE! Team PILF 2023 Web: Email:

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